About Us

Hunter-Gatherer reversible gathering aprons was born out of desire to help reduce the amount of textiles in landfill. Our reversible aprons are upcycled from textiles that would have landed in the fill due to small defects. We find the largest and best textile parts to turn into the lovely aprons here. We leave the smallest amount possible for the fill.

Hunter-Gatherer vintage-inspired, upcycled aprons are sturdy with robust, not always straight, stitching. Their long waistband accommodates a wide range of sizes. The fabrics come to us randomly making each apron unique. No two Hunter Gatherer aprons are exactly alike. When one is gone, it’s gone.

They're the extra hand you've wished you had. The pouch you've envied kangaroos about. 

Get one for yourself or as a housewarming gift for the home gardener to harvest produce, for the parent cleaning-up toys, or the casual forager to gather loot!

All our aprons are handmade in Ontario, Canada.